How to play Jacks or Better?

  • Jan 21, 2021

Jacks or Better Double Up is the digital avatar of the classic poker game. This Netent product is for people who want to play it all alone. You can learn more about this game here>

What are the highlights of this game?

Jacks or Better video online poker from Netent promises fast gameplays and handsome payouts. You can appreciate this poker game by visiting . Gamblers can play up to 25 this Netent game.

Basics of Jacks or Better

You don't need to be a poker expert to play Jacks or Better. Anyone with decent poker skills can try his hand at this game which has two play options- Manual and Automatic.

Basics of Jacks or Better- continued

When you load the game on your computer, you can see the paytable in the background clearly. You can also see several poker hands on your screen such as Two Pair, Straight Flush, and Full House.

  • The cards that you are dealt with can be seen at the bottom of the screen.

Jacks or Better basics

You can customize your game by selecting your coin value and bet level. The former ranges from 0.1 and 25 Euro per round. You can select your bet level from 1 and Five.

After selecting your coin value and bet level, click the Deal button and turn over the 5 cards. If you manage to get a winning combination, your poker hand will be displayed on the paytable.

How to ace your Jacks or Better poker?

If you don't get any winning combination, you can hold all those cards automatically and click Draw. A winning combination will show up if you are lucky. Now you can either continue playing or simply stop.

How to ace your Jacks or Better poker

If you decide to still gamble, you will be taken to the next screen where two cards- both upside down- will be shown to you. You have to guess about their suits or colours.

  • Guessing their colours right can double your wins.
  • If you guess the suits accurately, your earnings will be quadrupled.

Winning is simple

To win big, you must land up a favourable hand. There are nine such winning hands. Once you win each of these hands, you can either continue playing or stop the play.

Winning your Jacks or Better poker

If you decide to play longer, click Double Button and set up your gambling mode. In this mode, you can multiply your cash winnings by activating your Double your Money functionality on the screen.

How does the Gambles functionality work?

You will be dealt 5 cards. on your screen. One of those will be facing upward while the rest are facing downward. You have to guess the value of one of the remaining 4 cards.

If the value of your chosen card is higher than the one facing upward, your winning is doubled. You can double these winnings by clicking the Deal Button. Jacks or Better indeed is an interesting game.


Is Jacks or Better available on mobile?

Netent has made this video poker for web and mobile. The mobile version of this game has all the versions of the one that is on desktop and tablet. Take your game anywhere.

Play your game while commuting or waiting for your clients or guests. No need to install Jacks or Better on your mobile device; simply launch it and you are good to go.

  • Jacks or Better works on HTML5 technology on mobiles.

Navigating from screen to another while playing on a mobile device, has never been easier. The buttons are quite big to see and touch, and your screen can also accommodate more features.

How would you rate Jacks or Better video poker?

This Netent online poker has all the features that you normally see in a standard game. The gameplay is quick and fast, and there are high payouts too. The storyline is amazing.

It is very easy to play this video poker game and anybody who has had a decent experience at poker can try it. There is a list of instructions on your screen.

Jacks or Better can be played easily on desktops, mobile devices and tablets. If you are always on the move, consider this Netent game as your companion. Finally, Jacks or Better has a good RTP.

Your guide to playing Netent Jacks or Better